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Mendix Solutions

Mendix Solutions is a professional and experienced IT service provider that focuses on application development using the highly successful Mendix development platform.

We work with our clients to release the pent up demand for new applications and the ideas that are sitting within their staff. We help organisations to harvest this wealth of creativity and knowledge and turn them into digital applications.

We provide the best collaboration and development technology with our development expertise and the agile implementation methodology to make our clients successful.
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Mendix Platform

Mendix is a market leading application development platform that provides a number of key benefits to ensure our client’s digital application goals are realised.

  • The Mendix application works alongside existing IT systems, allowing organisations to develop applications quickly and without impacting their key core systems.
  • The platform is suitable for both large-scale digital transformation and smaller projects, meaning innovation without high levels of investment.
  • As a cloud based service, our clients are always running on the latest version of the platform, so they can take advantage of new features.
  • Built for collaboration, the platform encourages teams to work together to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.
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The Agile Approach

The agile approach allows organisations to start with an idea, build a proof of concept, check that it will make a difference and quantify these differences. The proof of concept can then evolve into a working application, where organisations can celebrate success and work on their next idea. 

The agile approach combined with the ground-breaking Mendix platform delivers in these demanding circumstances. Many satisfied clients and industry analysts such as Gartner and IDC will testify to this.